Spring 2019


The journey of finding yourself, your art, and your voice. 

Curated By Jay Coachman

This series before you is a reflection of my travels and how I found my identity as an artist. My journey at East Carolina University has taken me all over the country and overseas. From New York, to Kentucky, to Dallas and even Dubai. While visiting various cultures and environments I fell in love with different patterns, architecture, traditions and perspectives on art. I began to apply the importance of pattern detail from the UAE to my prints to make them unified. The flowers and floral patterns represent rebirth, and self growth. The Egyptian backgrounds, symbols and apparel represents royalty. The white eyes , crowns, and ankhs represent enlightenment and illumination because you have to have an open mind for growth. Focusing on the light and value in my portraiture gives emphasis to the importance of the subject. Throughout Western history european portraits have been favored no matter what the person did in their life.  I highlight black subjects within my work to shift the culture. The American culture has placed African-Americans and other minorities within a box of pity, guilt and shame. My work buries that box and promotes positivity, growth and royalty. The journey of perfecting your passion is a continuous one but if you stay persistent and stay true to yourself you will find the gold within. X Mark The Spot!



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